As summer approaches and the sun gets hotter, you may be thinking about how to protect your eyes. When you wear glasses, it can be difficult to keep your orbs from burning, and squinting out in the sun is both annoying and stressful. Investing in prescription sunglasses when you already have glasses can sound expensive, but the rewards are certainly worth it. Here are 3 reasons you should invest in prescription sunglasses.


With prescription sunglasses, you can instantly look stylish at the pool, beach, or other outdoor venue without having to squint in the sun or put on clip-on sunglasses over your regular eye wear. Since your sunglasses can be fitted with a prescription just like your regular glasses are, you can see easily when driving in the glaring sun, viewing a sporting event, or even doing yard work outside. The alternatives are clip-on sunglasses that can shift or sunglasses designed to go over your other glasses, which can be heavy. Prescription sunglasses are very versatile in their use since they can be used just like your normal glasses.


Not only are prescription sunglasses versatile in use, they also protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. You can purchase prescription sunglasses with a UV coating on them, which help keep your eyes safe from the sun. Wearing sunglasses (prescription or otherwise) can protect your eyes from several types of damage the sun can cause, including:

  • cataracts
  • macular degeneration
  • photokeratitis
  • certain cancers

Photokeratitis is a sunburn on your cornea and can be very frightening to experience. It can leave your eyes red and itchy and can even cause temporary vision loss. You are most likely to experience this type of symptom when out on the water or in the snow, since the reflective rays are less offensive to stare at directly. Not only does wearing prescription sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun's rays, it also helps keep you from squinting. Squinting causes premature aging around the eyes, which can lead to undesired fine lines and wrinkles that can help be prevented by the proper eye wear. 


Lastly, wearing prescription sunglasses helps you stay stylish all season long. As sunglasses become the accessory of choice as the temperatures rise, you can feel fashionable and trendy by sporting your own pair. Since prescription sunglasses look just like other styles on the market, you don't have to compromise being trendy just because you wear eyeglasses. You can visit your optometrist to see the many styles of sunglasses you can get with your prescription placed in them.

Wearing prescription sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the sun, look stylish all season long, and feel more comfortable when driving or doing things outdoors. Professionals like Monroe Optical, Inc. can help you choose a perfect pair for your lifestyle and personal preference.