Extreme headaches associated with pain behind the eyes can be sharp, intense, throbbing and explosive. This pain is sometimes referred to as cluster headaches because the pain behind the eyes come in cycles. Sometimes the pain can be related to migraines, which also causes pain and pressure behind the eyes. There are also many other causes of pain behind the eyes that can lead to vision loss, double vision, numbness and weakness of the facial tissue. The guide below provides some information on several different causes of pain behind the eyes.

Cranial Nerve Palsies

The sense of vision you possess comes from the multiple cranial nerves that arise in the brain. If these nerves become inflamed or injured it will cause changes in your vision. Typically, symptoms such as optic nerve related eye damage, droopy eyes and hearing issues are common indicators of an issue with your cranial nerves. Treatment varies depending on the cause, which could be related to underlying issues associated with diabetes, suffering from a stroke or a brain tumor.

Dry Eyes

If you suffer from having constant dry eyes this can cause extreme discomfort and pain. This is common if you work with a computer all day or constantly strain your eyes in an effort to see clearly. The prolonged dryness can also cause your eyes to tear up in order to try and prevent further drying. Some treatment methods include using artificial tears or seeking the assistance of an eye doctor. The optician may perform an examine to determine if you need eyeglasses or other medications to treat the dryness in your eyes.

Orbital Inflammatory Syndrome

The orbit of the eyes contains all the necessary nerves, blood vessels, fat and muscles that help to move the eyes. If there is inflammation within the orbit, it can cause extreme pain of the eyes, especially when the area around the eye is touched or you attempt to look from side to side. Typically, the doctor has to conduct a CT scan and subsequent blood tests in order to determine if there is an infection. Anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen are typically recommended to treat orbital inflammatory syndrome.

Optic Neuritis

Pain from the eyes caused by optic neuritis is considered to be a present in individuals who may suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Typically, symptoms involve headaches,inflammation,  a decrease in your vision and possibly the ability to recognize colors clearly. Steroids are normally prescribed as treatment to alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

If you have been experiencing eye pain regularly, consider making an appointment with an eye care center like Byrne William.