Although many people experience contact lens discomfort, this doesn't mean that it is normal. The discomfort is usually caused by a number of problems that have solutions. For example, the contact lenses may be causing you discomfort because:      

They Don't Fit Your Eyes

If your contacts make you feel as if there are foreign objects in your eyes, give you slight pain and make your eyes red, then they don't fit you as well as they should. This is why you shouldn't just buy contact lenses without undergoing the right exams and tests. Otherwise, the curvature might irritate your eyes if the curvature of the lens is too flat or steep for your eyes. If you are already wearing incorrect lenses, then it's time to go back for a reexamination and retesting.

They Have Accumulated Allergens

Allergens are some of the top concerns for contact wearers. If you are experiencing severe dryness, irritation and redness of the eyes, then you may be dealing with allergic reactions in your eyes. Pollen, pet dander, dust particles, and even the proteins in your tears may be responsible. These are things that your tears usually wash away, but they may be attracted to the surfaces of the lenses.

Avoid such problems by cleaning your contacts every time you take them off. If you aren't confident of keeping your contacts sterile, then you should switch to the daily disposable ones.

You Have Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is common with many people who wear contact lenses. However, it may be worse if you were dealing with dry eyes even before you started wearing the contacts. For example, smokers tend to have drier eyes than nonsmokers. Other conditions that may make you more predisposed to dry eyes include:

  • Medications such as diabetes and arthritis
  • Tear gland inflammation
  • Old age ā€“ those who are over the age of 50 are particularly susceptible

Inform your eye care professional if you are predisposed to dry eyes but still wish to wear the contacts. You may be prescribed a lubricating solution to help with the dry eyes; don't just pick a solution off the shelf because it might not be compatible with your contacts.

If you think that you have done everything possible to make your lenses more comfortable, but they still aren't, then there might be other underlying problems. Consult an eye care professional (such as one from Northway Eye & Contact Lens Center) for a diagnosis and correction before the discomfort turns into something serious and threatens your vision.